Week 47 – Thanksgiving Week

Getting Ready

Thanksgiving Week is upon us.  Our island has a beautiful tradition each year when they add wreathes to the road signs on the island.  They go up usually right before Thanksgiving which truly makes the island festive for the many friends and family who come to celebrate the first of the holidays.  This year I think they went up a little bit early as the island was host to the local Homes for the Holidays tour sponsored by St. Peter’s Church.  Seven homes were beautifully decorated by local artisans and for two days hundreds of folks wandered around the streets looking at the homes and I hope admiring the beauty of this little oasis in the Low Country.  We didn’t take pictures in the houses but I did get a fun picture from outside one of the houses.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus, southern style.

Beach and Bridge Walks

The dogs have enjoyed three days of walking on the beach this week.  You can see the pure joy they feel in this picture.  All eight paws are off the beach.  They are happy and full of energy which doesn’t always translate into peace and quiet when they get home.  I love the solitude of beach walking and the sound of the waves rolling in to the shore.  Most of the time there are very few people out on the beach when I walk which makes it very pleasant to just day dream and enjoy the air and sea.

In the middle of the week I did manage to get in a good 10k training walk over the Port Royal bridge.  While I was going across I noticed a steady stream of boats going under the bridge and remembered that many of the boats that go north in the summer must be back down south before December 1 because of an insurance regulation.  Or at least that is what I have been told.  One boat in particular caught my eye as it had a big ole’ Canadian flag flying off the stern.  Decided to stop and take a picture of it.  This bridge is the closest to a hill that we have around here.

Family Arrived or Arriving

We welcomed Katie, Jack and Libby who flew into Savannah on Saturday night.  Libby came home with us and Katie and Jack took off on their college adventure.  They are part way through the trip now and so far so good.  I had fun putting together a snack filled cooler for them earlier in the week making sure they had something to eat and something to drink to keep them energized.  They are going to cover a lot of miles in a very short period of time.  They left from Savannah heading for Charlotte then up to Boone, NC and then to Sewanee, TN and then the long trip back to Beaufort.  Not sure how many miles but I think it could be over a 1000 miles.  A great adventure.  Libby got to stay here with us and so far we have been out for a great dinner, a yummy lunch and a walk on the beach in the mist.  The beach walk introduced us to a herd of deer when we arrived, a couple of raccoons, and a very cute little crab that was in danger of being stepped upon.  The deer were very curious about Libby when we got out of the car and all five of them came right over to inspect these new folks.  We had quite a job containing the dogs but aside from their definite desire to get out of the car and find out more about these creatures they behaved very well.

Libby found a beautiful piece of red sea grass or perhaps it is a type of coral, anyway, she tried to get the crab to grab onto the stem so she could lift him from his spot in the walk way over to the safety of the dunes.  Ultimately we were successful but he really was cute.

Kittens and Friends

The kittens have discovered the library ladder in the living room which means we find them up there quite often.  It might be because Bean chases them and they have figured out that she cannot climb the ladder – yet!  Many times I have been sitting in the living room and look up to see a cat that reminds me very much of the Cheshire cat staring down at me.  It can be quite unnerving to say the least.  This picture proves that they actually do like each other as I came home to find Cleo curled up with Bean on the dog bed.  They are not always adversaries.

A Recipe for Thanksgiving

I found this recipe from our local Olive Oil store called Olive The Above.  It sounds delicious so we are going to make it for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Perhaps you will try it too.  This is their recipe so I am sharing it with you.

Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!