Week 1 – Happy New Year


Above is my sister’s tree on New Year’s Eve with live candles. We have been there a few times when they have done this and it is rather special to see. They are incredibly careful with buckets and hoses at the ready just in case something doesn’t go perfectly. They watch the candles (they are special ones for the tree) and snuff out any that are burned down. The family is Danish and this tradition has been one in her family and her husband’s family for more years than you can count. My mother used to get quite upset by the live candles but she did acknowledge that they were beautiful.

We had a quiet evening spent watching the New Year fireworks from around the world and then, believe it or not, watching the ball drop in Times Square. It has been years since we have stayed up that late. We enjoyed cocktails before a fabulous dinner prepared by Katie. Scalloped potatoes au Gratin, asparagus and Steak Diane along with Grand Marnier Souffles for dessert. A little red wine with dinner and some champagne with dessert and a beautiful fire going in the fireplace made for a very special evening.

Exercise is Indoors

I continue to use the Peloton for a workout pretty much every day. I am thrilled to discover that I can actually do the cycle workouts on my indoor bike by using the broadcast version of the classes on the t.v. from the app. I really do like the bike workouts a lot and it gets me lots of mileage for the virtual Conqueror Challenge. Am currently still working on the Pacific Crest. Am way behind but every time I do a ride on the bike I get about 11 miles so that helps. There is something there for everyone. I think I bit off more than I can chew with this one but now that I am half way through it I won’t quit. Whether on the treadmill or the bike, I always looks run over when I am done but I feel great.

Update on Jenny Lane

Big meeting with the guys

We have our building permit and are so ready for the guys to come back and begin the construction process on the laundry room and bathroom. We have lived with a mess through the holidays and really, you have to have a sense of humor to live like this, but we are ready. The mess will get worse before it gets better for sure. Right before Christmas we had a meeting with all the important folks. First electrician Bill and Steven came and made sure we had electricity in the area once the walls were gone. Then incredibly, we were able to get plumbers Mason and Kenny here with our guys Chris, Les and Todd along with John and me and we made a plan. It is not easy to get everyone at the same time but we managed it. D-day is set for January 12th. We can’t wait. Stay tuned.