Week 26 – The Start of Summer

Our anniversary was on Tuesday, the 21st of June, which coincides with the first day of summer. Early that morning our boat arrived via our friend Steve. The lift was put in on Monday so we were ready for it. The lift will protect the boat and since it is electric it makes it pretty easy for us to use. We celebrated by going out for a lovely boat ride all the way down to the end of the lake and back on a gorgeous North Hatley day. We then joined friends for dinner at our little club. It was a great way to say hi to a lot of people we hadn’t seen since the summer of 2019. It is great to be back.

June 26th is a Big Day Around Here

After two very long years, Libby headed off to Camp Wabun early in the morning. It was a glorious sunrise. Because of the pandemic the camp did not operate for either 2020 or 2021. This is one happy young lady. She drove her brother’s car up to North Hatley from New Hampshire and stated that it was a very long drive. It was the longest she had ever driven, on her own, but she arrived safe and sound. We are thrilled for her and can’t wait for all her adventures. She is on the A Trip this summer which is 42 days of paddling a canoe through the wilderness on the Winisk River to Hudson Bay. Talk about getting back to nature.

Walking This Week

My brother and I did a couple of hill hikes this week. This is one of our favorite spots and it is where he challenges me to jump from one rock to the next to get across the stream. The second time we did it I just walked right through the water. My feet were already wet anyway. Wyke and Bean followed Paul across. There was a line in a hymn we sang this morning that reminded me of this part of the walk. We go along beside the stream and can hear it gurgling its way over the rocks, the forest smells so good that you just know you are inhaling the best air you can so we both take big deep breaths. The dogs get to drink some water and go for a swim in the one spot that is deep enough for them. Truly wonderful.

Just to prove I was there too

No recipe this week and no update on Jenny Lane as nothing happened there to write about. The garden is providing lots of lettuce for everyone in the neighborhood as well as us. Katie arrived with a huge bag of lettuce and we haven’t made a dent in it. More family are coming so it will be a busy next couple of weeks.

photo taken by me very early on the morning of June 26th, 2022