Week 33 – August

We are back in North Hatley after a wonderful week away on our Temagami adventure. Our annual trip was paused for the summers of 2020 & 2021 and we were so very grateful to be back on the big lake again. Jack and Libby had a wonderful time up there. Libby did the 40 day trip, via canoe, to Hudson Bay traveling on the big rivers. Jack was a staff person for a group of 13 year old boys who were being introduced to the Wabun way of tripping. The both appear vibrant and happy and relaxed with big grins on their faces. About as big as the grins on ours.

A Little Trip Summary

After going down the Access Road, this is what we looked like

We left North Hatley in the afternoon heading towards Pembroke. We were ready and within minutes we had packed the boat and the car and loaded up. As usual, it took me about half an hour to get used to feel of pulling a big boat behind the car. We are lucky that the trailer, with a few upgrades, was up to the task and made it very easy for us. The really nice thing is it has its own brakes so when you hit the brakes in the car you didn’t feel as if the boat was going to come through the back windshield. The first thing I noticed was how quickly the gas tank went down. By the time we got to the outside of Montreal I was in a panic that we would run out of gas. I have never seen it go down so fast. Turns out we were getting about 14 miles to the gallon. Not exactly good. We negotiated a gas station and then I was able to relax a bit. The drive went well, our evening was good and we were ready for the next day. Much shorter as we were about 4 1/2 hours from the boat launch. We had a little rain so the access road was rather muddy as you can see in the above photo. It took a few hours to get things unloaded and the boat in the water but eventually we were launched and on our way to the lodge.

Paddle In

A week ago today we were on the beach at Garden Island as they all paddled in from their trips. It is always an emotional time, for them and for us. They looked strong and healthy and ready to take on their senior years (Libby a high school senior, Jack a college senior). We could not have been more proud of them or happier to be there to welcome them home. It poured rain but it did not dampen our spirits or theirs.

Our Littlest Camper

It’s not a canoe but with its tether it gave her an opportunity to feel what it was like to be on the water in a boat and with a paddle. When you are two any independence is wonderful. Obviously this was a success.

We went on a couple of adventure hikes around the island and Edie insisted that we take a picture in front of the sign for the lodge. Still can’t believe we were just there.

Back at Jenny Lane

While we were away the doors were installed on the bathroom and the laundry room and all the trim was put up around them. It really looks like a hall now and quite finished. Yes, there is some painting to be done and we will get around to that this fall but for the time being it really looks like a proper home.

Photos Over the Years

For the last 10 years at least I have taken a photo of Jack and Libby at the end of August on the porch swing. They humored me and posed for a photo shoot before they left to head back to the states. The change is dramatic in 10 years but they are still beautiful and the smiles haven’t changed at all. Maybe just got bigger.

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