Week 48 – Happy


We are entering into one of the busiest times of the year. Thanksgiving is over and we are now on the fast track to Christmas. Today we started the big switch on decorations from our November to December decor. We did, however, have a lovely Thanksgiving Day. We watched “The Parade”, lots of football, went for a walk through the fields and ate our fill of turkey and all the fixings. Enjoyed a beautiful fire and then watched one of the really crazy Hallmark movies. So far we have not been very successful with the movies except for Top Gun 2 which was great. The others have been pretty awful. But we will keep trying.

Trying to Fool The Bears

In an effort to fool the bears, John and Jack installed a clothesline type bird feeder holder from the house to a tree in the back yard. The feeder is out in the middle and is not reachable from the tree or the porch on the back of the house. If the bear gets it, he can have it, because it should be quite safe. It was quite a feat for them to get the line up and attached in such a way as to be able to reel the feeder back in so it could be filled and then sent back out again. So far the birds haven’t found it. We shall see.

Our Walks This Week

We have had some wonderful local walks this week. Because of the bears, I tend to not walk in our local woods but rather head over to the Rail Trail in Andover. I love our trails here and, of course, love the fact that it is right outside my door. It is a 15 minute drive to Andover and then another 15 back which adds a good half hour on to my time. Never seen a bear over there, have seen a couple of deer and a porcupine but that’s about it for wildlife. Anyway, we were back out on our local trails this week and I believe, I may be wrong, but hope not, that the bears have hibernated for the winter. So far no sign of them.

The Cat Who?

While we were decorating we heard a very unusual sound coming from down the hall. Our bedroom door has a squeak in it and we kept hearing the squeak going on and on. I went down the hall and this is what I found. The cat (Cleo) had her claw caught in a rubber band that was around the door knob of our bedroom door. She was swinging back and forth with the door, hence the squeak, and not making a sound herself. I asked her if she wanted some help. She didn’t squirm or try and break free, just let me unhook her from the elastic and give her a hug and set her free. So glad I was close by to help her. The elastics have been removed (I think).

Reverse Advent Calendar

We are participating in a project for Advent. Since Sunday the 27th of November is the first Sunday in Advent, we started today. This way we will finish before Christmas Eve and be able to donate the basket full of goodies to our local food bank and hope that the food will get to those who need it before Christmas. My ladies group, The Grace Ladies, is doing this in our town of North Hatley and I decided that I would join them but do it here in New London. The first item went in the basket today. To make life just a bit more efficient, I bought a week’s worth of items yesterday but I am only putting one a day in the basket. You are welcome to use this idea in your home. It seems a simple thing to do to give back.

Christmas Has Begun

Many years ago, my mother wanted a Christmas Tree in her little house in North Hatley. I would say she was a lady way ahead of her time. She bought this tree which uses fiber optic needles and a color wheel that turns to change the colors on the tree. Except for a new bow or two it is pretty much the way it was when she bought it at least 15 years ago. It really is beginning to feel a little bit like Christmas. The big tree won’t go in for a week or two at least. One year we ended up having two trees because the first one just basically dried right out. Not going to do that again.

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